• QT Nine

    Sometimes it’s just a matter of laying everything out to see how much progress I have made.

    I have finished another five blocks. This will finish row six with 5 blocks across. I add a single row to attach the new blocks. I still need to make 13 nine patches to finish the sashing row. I then attach the blocks together with a strip of 4 shirtings and 3 nines. I have 4 more of these sets to do.


    I try to have a different white in the 25 nines in each block. That makes 100 white fabrics. Here are 47 sets all ready.

    The start of the 7th row
    Zipper bag for organization

    I have found if I used these plastic zippered bags my sister and my aunts save for me it is a great way to stay organized. I put the finished squares inside. I also include a large two gallon bag with nine-patches and my alternating block fabrics.


    I never have enough needles. Fortunately I can get zillions of them at the thrift store. I cut pieces of paper from envelopes and also from medical supply instructions. The paper used is almost as thin as onion skin paper and easy to poke a pin through.

    Fussy cut cats

    I don’t have a cat but I love cat fabrics! I use them in almost every project.

    Pill box for my 1” squares

    I am not sold on this pill box idea. I have to keep the individual day sections together with a couple rubber bands or they fall out of the holder. This is seriously something that can truly rattle my feathers. If I have to pick them up off the floor multiple times I am not a happy camper.

    Barb’s Scrap fabric theme

    Sometimes I pick a theme for the nine patch. This particular one is from the fabrics given to me by Barb who is one of the quilters in my Tuesday quilt group.

    Polka dots and stripes

    The love of fabric is what it is all about for me!

  • Happy 4th!

    I wonder after putting this block together today if this is about as patriotic as I can get. I can do stars. I can do a red shirt. I just can’t do red, white and blue. I love my country I just haven’t felt pride in my country for quite a while.

    Our country has been turned upside down and inside out. Instead of “great” there is so much of it that has become nasty.

    I have to search for peace and create tranquility because it is not there.

    I say over and over again “thank goodness I have quilting”.

    July 5….

    I can’t even listen to the news………..

    So I am back to sewing! This turquoise cat block is a bit matchy matchy but I like it! It will let the bold blocks sparkle.

    I was going to use the green fabric on the left but then…..

    I saw the piece of paper with the strings on green. It is calling out to me. The pig fabric just came from an auction by Lizzi Brewer on YouTube. She vlogs just about daily and she is a delight. She has 8.26K subscribers and she has 1.4 thousand videos. Wow! She is also on FB at “scrappinlizzi”. She has a destash auction on the 1st and 15 of the month.

    I can’t wait to finish it and send her a pic on how I used the fabric. Oh yes. This makes me happy.

    This is what I do. I cut the 3 sections and then play with them until it looks right.

    I am going with the red center because it all feels like “lightening”. It screams out to me “yes”!

  • Happy Memorial Day

    Chair Quilt

    My project for today. I added another border and cut batting and a back and pin basted it. It is ready for hand sewing 🧵

    Ready for Hand Sewing
    Today’s Blossom
    Geraniums in pots for color

    My friend Michelle ordered compost online and the company sent a double order. It was blocking the neighbors driveway so we got 10 bags of free compost. Yay!

  • RSC Color for May is Green

    I started making the chevrons this month and really enjoy working with green. The row of mushrooms is a project I started last year. The log cabin blocks started a few years before that.

    I am debating adding a row of chevron blocks to my mushroom row.

    We planted gladiola bulbs this year for the first time ever. I saw a squirrel trying to dig one up and I scared him away. I planted 24 bulbs and so far about 10 are coming up.

    This morning I spent some time with those clippers and pruner and clipped those runners coming up from the roots of my crabapple tree. If anyone knows how to slow down the growth of these please let me know.

  • Green

    After being at the arboretum yesterday I sat down this morning and made this. It could be a leaf or a feather. It was great to work with green.

  • Mushroom fabric

    I love the sunshine.

    There are 5 of us doing this exchange.

    I have another set all cut and ready for sewing.

    It is the cutest fabric with squirrels or chipmunks. You tell me???

    I went to the arboretum today. Their Forsythia is in full bloom. I can’t wait for mine to flower. It is just a gorgeous spring day.

    I want

    It makes me want to buy and plant more!

    A metal dandelion makes a great backdrop.

    Suicide prevention awareness.

  • Fresh New Fabric

    5 blocks all cut out and ready to sew for our next quilt group exchange.

    I am a scrap fabric quilter. This is a huge deviation from the projects I normally work on.

    I also usually cut the pieces as I sew. I rarely have all the blocks prepped before I sit down to the sewing machine.

    What usually happens is I sew for a few minutes and then I have to get up and walk around or I work on another project for a little while.

    It s very hard if not impossible for me to sew nonstop on all 5 of these blocks in one sitting.

    I know this about myself and I realize that is just the way I am programmed.

  • April is the color pink RSC

    In my world pink is for Lots Of Luv!

    The Rainbow Scrap Challenge is giving me the opportunity to make a few pink blocks.

    A third block is cut out and I just started the sewing.

    The 4th and the 5th are cut out as well. This last one is a bit scrappy and that is ok with me! These fabrics were either gifted to me or purchased at the thrift store.

  • Music

    My first and second attempt at creating with pages from a piano and guitar book.

  • March Yellow RSC

    The Rainbow Scrap Challenge for March was yellow.

    I have one of my favorite projects as a study of one color – yellow!

    This quilt is an answer to “What if” by Jude Hill.

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